Privacy Policy

Our Commitment to Privacy

PatientIQ is committed to protecting the privacy of any health information we receive or create from any source. This commitment is a central component of our business. Further, we are required by law to protect and maintain the confidentiality of any and all health information. We have established a number of systems to fully and effectively meet our legal and ethical obligations to any patient whose health information is transmitted to us.

What Information is Covered by Our Privacy Policy

“Health Information” and “Protected Health Information” and “Personal Health Information” are all subject to our privacy policy. Collectively, these terms include any information that could possibly identify a patient, a patient’s physical or mental health or a patient’s medical records. They include any information relating to patient treatment, diagnosis, prognosis, insurance information, payment information, health care directives, and organ or tissue donation.

What We Do With Information We Receive

We are in the business of assisting physicians and their patients with the flow of electronic information. Information we receive is used to facilitate the physician/patient relationship and to improve communication and education relating to medical products and services, and to improve the quality and efficiency of the patient’s care. The information we receive, and which is subject to this privacy policy, is made available to a patient’s physician and to members of the physician’s group, and possibly to third-party providers of secure web-based facilities. However, we do not make that information available to any other person or entity unless instructed by the physician.

How We Protect the Information We Receive

The information we receive, and which is subject to this Privacy Policy, is stored either in our facilities or in a secured third-party facility under the terms of a hosting agreement that obligates the third-party to observe our Privacy Policy. All information we receive, and which is subject to our Privacy Policy, is stored in encrypted form (using the AES-256 method, the strongest known) so, even if the files should fall into the wrong hands, they are not readable. When data moves in or out of the database it is encrypted while in transit so, even if intercepted, the information is not readable.
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